Handmade Sterling Silver Ruby and Pearl Bangle Bracelet
Handmade Rough Druzy Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant
Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Welcome to Marren Jewellery, a unique line of hand crafted, sterling silver jewellery for those truly enamoured of dark romance and vintage aesthetics.

Marren Jewellery is a small business founded in 2010 in Athens, Greece. It is an one woman show in an effort to meet like minded souls and share “what’s inside” through the old and magical art of silversmithing. All pieces are 100% handmade, usually OOAK/limited edition or custom made. Materials used are sterling silver and natural-often raw-gemstones. Techniques used vary, from basic cutting and filing to soldering, stone setting and the lost wax technique. All jewellery is made with respect to individuality and uniqueness, thus no two pieces, even of the same design can be identically the same.

Most of the designs evolve around a draft sketch or solely around carefully selected gems-the ones that catch the maker’s eye.Each gem carries energy. Each gem tells a story. Each piece is created to match with one and only, unique recipient.

Hope you enjoy!